Sunnyside Stables is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of those who chose to board with us by providing exceptional boarding, Additional Services and on-site amenities.

  • The boarding options include large corrals, large stalls or combination stall and run available at different price points.

  • Three bullpens serve as turnout and training areas.

  • The ranch has a two hundred by seventy foot sandy loam arena for under tack work or turn-out.

  • Sunnyside Stables supplies premium equine-grade Bermuda and/or equine-grade Alfalfa, both grown in the Imperial Valley and contracted in advance for a Spring through Summer cutting to provide the highest quality hay which is then stored and delivered to us over the winter to insure the continuity of quality over the winter months. 

  • We also have available a program of Additional Services such as blanketing, custom feeding programs, trailer storage and shavings as needed or requested for an additional fee.

  • Automatic watering systems serve every stall and corral.

  • There is 24 hour security lighting throughout the ranch for late evening use and emergencies.

  • The ranch staff lives on site and have eyes and ears on the ranch 7 days a week.

  • There are two wash racks on the ranch.

  • The farriers who frequent the ranch are provided with a covered area providing shade and comfort for themselves and the horse they are working on.

  • We have a seating area in front of the main office which is surrounded by bougainvillea climbing an arbor, rose bushes for beauty and fragrance and trees for shade, a wonderful place to begin or end a ride and catch up with the other boarders.

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