Welcome to the website of Sunnyside Stables, a respected provider in the horse boarding community.  The ranch’s top priority is to provide you and your horse with the highest quality boarding experience in a friendly comfortable environment. 


  • Sunnyside Stables is a hidden gem nestled at the foot of Mt. Miguel and bordered on two sides by the beautiful Bonita Golf Course. 

  • Ride out our back gate and across the Dave Phair Bridge, dedicated to the ranch’s founder, and you are on the California Riding and Hiking Trail which is enjoyed by hikers, bike riders and horse lovers alike. 

  • Sunnyside Stables (Formerly Sunnyside Stock Farm) has been in the business of boarding horses since 1964 and has an excellent reputation for quality horse boarding in the South Bay.

  • We do our best to set our ranch apart from the rest.  Sunnyside Stables holds the distinction of being one of the top 20 boarding facilities out of the 300 boarding facilities surveyed in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties.

  • Sunnyside Stables specializes only in horse boarding, we are not a training facility, so all of our energy and efforts goes into providing a safe and comfortable place for you and your horse.

  • Sunnyside Stables is recognized as a leader in fly mitigation.  Our standard of practice is the highest in the industry.  We clean every corral and every stall every day. The manure is then placed in a bin, covered with a tarp, then taken three times per month by a professional hauling company to be composted.  In addition, we utilize the Spalding Fly Predator program to further reduce the presence of flies for horse and boarder comfort. 

  • Sunnyside Stables is in compliance with the County of San Diego for sanitation as well as recycling and strives to insure our best practices are in compliance with State and Local requirements.

  • Along with attention to each and every detail, the Sunnyside Stables staff is dedicated to treating the horses with sensitivity in a relaxed yet professional manner.

  • Because each horse and their personalities are unique, each horse is observed by the staff to truly know them, multiple times per day to detect if there is a change in their behavior.   

  • Whether Sunnyside Stables is caring for a weanling or a pensioner, the goal is to deliver exceptional boarding in a caring environment.


Sunnyside Stables is a place where the love of horses draws people of like minds together. If you love horses as we do and if you love horse people as we seek too, then our ranch may be an option for your boarding needs. Scotty Aurich  Owner/Manager Sunnyside Stables

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